Queering Corona Crisis : OPEN CALL!

The so-called Corona Crisis brings to light with brute force what is systematically wrong in this world and moreover what we really need to live: what we really need to sustain a healthy community in solidarity.
The crisis reveals what kind of work is “essential”: supermarket workers, social workers and cleaners – not to mention health workers. But who is doing these kinds of jobs and how are the wages related to what these jobs are actually worth - for them being the most important in times of crisis?

What we need for a proper critique is a specific lens to encounter what the Corona Crisis brings to light. This must be a gendered lens because the answers to the crisis are also gendered: many women* work in unpaid labour, the informal sector and most essential care professions are dominated by women*.

Despite this obvious potential for criticism of the system, there is more to it: these times of crisis affects all of us - but in different ways. Media is full of portraits of heteronormative families now working from home, but queer perspectives of LGBTQI* people are missing. How does queer life look in times of social distancing, (authoritarian) police control and being scared about the future? What dystopias and utopias exist? How to cope in times of crisis?

We are afraid, and not just of dying, or of our loved ones dying. We are also afraid that this crisis will again not bring about transformations that will lead to a more solidary, communitarian and just society. We know what came after other crises. Chile, Hurricane Katrina, financial crisis of 2008. The consequences of neo-liberal reforms, which have led not least to cuts in the welfare state and the health system, are now being exploited.
We need community, freedom and solidarity. We need compassion, love and an ethics of care. We have the possibility to create this now but it will not happen without real efforts.

What we do not need are new ideas, because all the ideas are already there. But we cannot always see them. It is necessary to prioritize other ways of life, to put other ways of thinking in the foreground and to take seriously the criticism that has been made for decades against the patriarchal, capitalist and racist society.
Therefore we need queer, feminist perspectives to develop a transformative lens on the Corona Crisis.

We know that it is sometimes difficult to adopt these perspectives, no matter from which position the world is viewed.
That is why we want to create here a digital space to gather this knowledge. We are creating little, if anything, new. We want to collect what feminists say, what marginalized and subaltern people say and make voices that are constantly being silenced more visible. We want to assemble necessary solutions from an anti-capitalist and anti-racist perspective. We also want to criticize the comments of stupid politicians and we sometimes want to have a laugh.

If you have seen, written, created, drawn, read or heard something that we should talk about, please feel invited to send it to us anytime. Become a part of queering the Corona crisis.

We want to assemble, archive, and enable action.

We are a team of designers and social scientists (sociology and cultural anthropology) joining forces for a collaborative research and design project combining visual and scientific methods to explore experiences of crises.

Canan Bunk (Visual Communication)
Stephan Kraus (Visual Communication)
Leslie Gauditz (Political Sociology)
Lisa Miller (Social & Cultural Anthropology)